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Platform Technologies and Advantages of TMS


Currently, TMS is primarily developing potential products discovered by the research groups at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. TMSfs platform technologies include a screening system which is based on the research achievements of the University laboratories. Ongoing screening for potential products from secondary metabolites produced by a variety of microbes continues to yield biologically active potential products.
To date, a variety of compounds and enzymes have been discovered that have biological activity related to the fibrinolytic system. This system is involved not only in blood clot dissolution (for effective treatment of myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, and pulmonary embolism), but also a variety of pathophysiological events associated with local extracellular proteolysis.
Specifically, TMS has generated over 50 novel compounds (referred to as gSMTPh molecules) that may exert beneficial activity by modulating endogenous plasminogen function and the fibrinolytic system. In addition to promoting compounds with thrombolytic-type activity, TMS aims to develop potential drugs for cancer, chronic inflammatory disorders, metabolic disorders, and skin aging. The anti-aging agents may be developed as cosmeceuticals.

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