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Message by president

TMS was founded to develop potential drug candidates and medically-related technology that are discovered through academic research activities. We aim to develop these products and introduce them into the healthcare market as quickly as possible. Current potential drugs and medical systems under development include pharmacologically and biologically active substances and enzymes which have effects on the blood coagulation and fibrinolytic systems as well as extracellular proteolysis control systems.
We are continuously adding new drug candidates through use of our unique screening system that generates new drug candidates utilizing microbes isolated from a variety of soil types and locations. To date, over 2000 microbes are used to produce unique secondary metabolites which are screened for pharmacologic activity. The screening system forms the basis of our platform technology and is our primary resource for generation of unique potential drugs.
TMS is developing these potential products in house, but is also interested in the possibility of developing collaborative research and development partnerships. We also continue to seek in-licensing opportunities for our patented or patent-pending potential products. In accordance with these activities we would develop the potential products and do our best to achieve our mission.

Takuro WakabayashiPresident & Representative Director